Japan's airline has robots that travel in place of humans

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways has launched a new and unusual travel plan under development. The company will deploy telepresence robots to travel in place of human passengers, including for sightseeing.

The idea is not to totally eliminate people from aircraft. In fact, the goal is to enable people with health problems who are unable to travel to make "dream trips", to know places on the other side of the world or even to attend events such as sports matches, conferences and exhibitions.

The 1, 000 robots that will be used by the company are Newme models, which have a top speed of 2.9 km / h and a battery that lasts approximately three hours. A tablet serves as a "head" for the robot, and the 10.1 "screen is still touch sensitive for interactions with people on the other side.

The idea of ​​serving as an avatar for clients should start out humble, but the company even wants to take more striking rides, such as diving deep into the oceans and even the moon. Instead of the robot, if the customer prefers, he can use a Virtual reality headset and have first person experience using robot camera.

Image Source: ANA / Press Release

For now, All Nippon Airways has not announced when which trips will be possible or the prices of these packages. The project is due to be implemented by mid 2020. TecMundo tested a similar robot a few years ago that was geared toward the corporate environment.

Japan's airline has robots that travel in place of humans via TecMundo