Check out 10 of the best ideas from Leonardo da Vinci

Considered by many to be the greatest genius in history, Leonardo da Vinci had the skills and knowledge that would leave anyone speechless. He excelled as a scientist, engineer, painter, anatomist, inventor, sculptor, architect, mathematician, botanist, poet and musician.

He is known as the father of aviation and ballistics and has countless world-renowned works; That is why we bring in this article da Vinci's most brilliant ideas or observations so that you can be inspired even more by the work of one of the most important figures in the history of mankind.

The Vitruvian Man

Da Vinci created a drawing of what would be the most perfect form of the human body according to the proportions defined by Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect. The serious face figure made by the artist is considered today as one of the best known images on the planet.

Geologic Time

You may not know, but in addition to mastering geometry, physics, astronomy, biology and anatomy, Leonardo da Vinci was also a beast in geology. His observations were essential to the study of the history of the earth, something that solved the problem of the time: the full understanding of fossils.

The perfect city

Da Vinci lived in Milan, but had a different view of what would be a good place to live. He then designed what he believed to be the perfect city. Their designs were so complete that they even included stables with detailed air circulation systems.

Triple cannon

Da Vinci was a pacifist, but that didn't stop the genius from imagining a smarter cannon design. And he did it very well with his triple cannon, even faster and lighter than the guns of the time, and able to save much more energy.

The self-propelled car

He is not one of the best, but Da Vinci's self-propelled vehicle was incredibly revolutionary for that time. The wooden vehicle would move with the sequential interaction of springs and gears. In 2004, scientists at a museum in Florence built a replica of the car and realized that da Vinci's original idea worked perfectly.

Flying machine

Da Vinci's fascination with flying machines is no secret to anyone. Among several projects, he created a glider equipped with wings ready to be "beat" by a human. The model closely resembles a grain cut in half and was equipped with seats and gears.

Swing bridge

Thinking of a quick escape, Leonardo da Vinci created a revolving bridge, perfect for use in wartime. With lightweight, sturdy materials, the bridge would be attached to a rope and bearing system capable of making an army escape at any moment.

The helicopter

Image Source: Reproduction / Leonardo Da Vinci Biography

Today's scientists agree: He would never have risen from the ground, but Leonardo da Vinci's helicopter is one of his most famous (and brilliant) works. Although it was impractical and required the work of four men to get off the ground, the idea was the kick-start for extensive studies until we reached today's helicopters.

Diving equipment

Leonardo Da Vinci's fascination was not only with air: he was also very interested in the underwater world. With this, he created a very modern and complex diving equipment for the time, connecting a snorkel in a floating chamber, as well as including a special compartment in the suit so that its wearer could urinate on the clear-water high seas.

Specular writing

It is not yet known if Leonardo da Vinci wanted to hide his ideas or if he just wanted to avoid the messiness of ink when writing with his left hand, but he is the most famous specular writer in history, that is: he wrote in the opposite direction ( right-to-left), so you can read content normally only by placing text in front of a mirror.