Check out 5 completely unusual protests

In addition to the usual demonstrations - involving crowds on the streets and riot troops to contain the spirits of the most revolting - there are also those that end up breaking news in their format. There are several examples around the world of people - and even whole groups - who have made their claims in very unusual ways. The folks at mental_floss have published a story with some creative examples, and we at Mega Curioso have selected the strangers for you. Check out:

1 - The union “luchador”

Image Source: Playback / NBCNews

Riding his motorcycle and dressed in luchador, the man above launched himself at a group of police to protest against the closure of Mexico City's public power company. The plant supplied much of the metropolitan area, and many workers lost their jobs. In addition, trade union action in favor of workers was banned by presidential decree.

Both the luchador's motorcycle and clothing were decorated with union motifs, and after making several maneuvers in front of the closed company, the officers guarding the site opened fire on the rubber-masked protester.

2 - Jets of milk

The demonstration we are going to talk about now took place in Brussels, and involved splashing milk against police and city buildings! The episode was attended by 3, 000 European farmers who gathered to protest a dramatic reduction in the price of the product. By the way, as you can see in the image below, there were even those who splashed milk directly from the cows against members of the riot police!

Image Source: Reproduction / The Daily Mail

3 - Calendars

A few years ago, the people of Leader in Canada, tired of complaining about the poor road conditions, decided to gather to make a calendar with photographs of the naked locals near the dangerous road potholes. In one of the images - you can see below - one of the inhabitants even appears in a canoe inside one of the "craters"! Not unlike many roads here in Brazil ...

Image Source: Playback / Highway 32

The calendar was a success, and about 3, 000 units sold for $ 20 each. In addition, after the action the government gave in to the claims and repaired the roads. Would the initiative work here too?

4 - Giant Pigeons

Image Source: Reproduction / The Washington Post

What would a flock of giant pigeons - over six feet tall - doing on a busy London street? Protesting, why! The demonstration was organized by an advertising agency that stopped traffic in the area near Trafalgar Square in favor of a longtime bird food salesman who had been banned by local authorities from continuing his activities.

5 - Submerged Protesters

Image Source: Reproduction / Greenpeace

Greenpeace activists are always innovating with respect to the protests, and one example was a 2010 demonstration off the coast of Mexico against greenhouse gas emissions. The organizers placed numerous statues 9 meters deep, symbolizing the population affected by the effects of rising sea levels caused by global warming.

According to one of the NGO's representatives, Brady Bradshaw, 100 million people around the globe are at risk of losing their homes and even their lives due to the advancing waters, and with the above facility, the organization has sent its message, encouraging nations to reduce carbon emissions.

* Originally posted on 11/25/2013.


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