Check out 5 bizarre conspiracy theories circulating on the internet

What is not lacking on the Internet are conspiracy theories - some very weird, some sinister, some relatively plausible, countless completely without head or foot and even those that have proven to be real. But, as this subject never ceases to fascinate, we at Mega Curioso have decided to put together some of the craziest stories around the world. Check out:

1 - JK Rowling would be just an extra

Everyone knows who JK Rowling is, the author of the Harry Potter book series, doesn't he? For in 2005, the talk began to circulate on the Internet that the British, in fact, is just a mere extras, a person chosen to represent an entire industry of writers who together created the novels.

J.K. Rowling

Only facade (CNN)

The beginning of this story was Norwegian filmmaker Nina Grünfeld, who said it was impossible for a single person to write so many books - each with so many pages and translated into dozens of languages ​​- in less than 10 years.

2 - Queen Elizabeth II would be cannibal

At 91 years of age and no less than 65 years of reign, it is undisputed that Queen Elizabeth II of England is an example of longevity. The secret to enjoying such a long life and staying active ahead of the British throne? According to philosopher and historian Hubert Humdinger, the monarch must be cannibal.

Queen Elizabeth II

That is the secret of such longevity! (Toronto Star / Andrew Matthews / The Associated Press)

Humdinger came up with this story that the queen feeds on human flesh to maintain such vitality for a few years, and to add even more mango to the sleeve, by mid-2012, a sensationalist site called Dear Dirty America reported that an official from Windsor Castle would have discovered human remains stored in a freezer in the monarch's private quarters.

3 - Finland would be a manufactured country

You know Finland, right, that nice Scandinavian nation that, among other things, houses Lapland - which is nothing more than Santa's land? So! According to Reddit user Raregans, a social network focused on the dissemination and discussion of content circulating on the Internet, Finland is a country that was “made” by the Japanese and Soviets during the Cold War.

Finland Map

Little country like Santa Claus - oops! (Operation World)

According to the theory proposed by Raregans, the population of Finland would be made up of Swedes, Estonians and Russians, and the country was created to grant the (then) Soviet Union and Japan fishing rights in the Baltic Sea.

4 - The ice bucket challenge would be part of a satanic ritual

Remember the ice bucket challenge - one that went viral around the world a few years ago and focused on raising funds for research on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? And did you know that there are people out there who believe the action had nothing to do with raising money for the purpose of trying to find a cure for an irreversible condition?

Ice Bucket Challenge

"Splash Score" Thing

When the challenge became popular, there were several rumors that, in fact, this bucket-dumping thing was part of a satanic purification ritual for what would become the greatest human sacrifice of all time. And where the hell did this story come from? It would be part of a secret Illuminati code transmitted to this fellowship by Satan himself.

NASA would know of two suns in the Solar System

And if you were missing NASA in a story about crazy conspiracy theories, look at the space agency making its appearance here! Remember when news broke last year about the possible discovery of Planet 9? At the time, an astronomer named Paul Cox went public to say that the supposed world was, in fact, a second Sun - whose existence NASA is keen to hide from Earthlings.


If you have two, how has no one ever seen the other? (Aeon)

Apparently, Cox came to this conclusion after examining some Mercury transits - that is, the passage of the planet before the Sun - and having "discovered" that there is a second star in the Solar System. According to the astronomer, NASA and other scientific organizations often hide these things from humanity (because of course it makes perfect sense to hide from everyone the information that there are two suns in our star system!), But the truth is there to be discovered!