Check out 6 celebrities who have been admitted to rehab

A few days ago we talked about the series "Friends", which ended in 2004, but is still successful today. In the text in question, we commented on the case of actor Matthew Perry, Chandler, who had drug problems during the recording of the series and even needed to spend some time doing rehab. Interesticle has brought together other celebrities who have already needed help getting rid of drugs. See who they are below:

1 - Ben Affleck

One of Hollywood's darlings has come close to destroying his life and his professional success. If he had not resorted to rehab, perhaps the actor's story would have taken a completely different turn from what we know today.

Luckily, he realized the risk he was taking, and when he was 28, Affleck voluntarily chose to have a detox treatment and solve his problems with excessive alcohol consumption.

2 - Demi Moore

The beautiful and talented actress, nominated for several awards for her work, had to redouble her health care after becoming addicted to appetite-curing drugs. She also needed medical help to get rid of anorexia recently.

Already in the 1980s, Demi Moore was hospitalized due to problems caused by alcohol abuse. Currently, the actress is healthier, but still doing medical follow-up - her daughters have even moved away from her due to anorexia.

3 - Dennis Quaid

The actor was addicted to cocaine in the 1970s, and things only got worse in subsequent years. Quaid has said that there was a time when he woke up and swore to himself that he would stop, but couldn't.

Eventually, he was admitted to a rehab and apparently did not resume his addiction. On the subject, he has stated that he had a moment of introspection in which he realized that if he did not stop using the drug, he would soon die.

4 - Samuel L. Jackson

During the years he worked on Broadway, the renowned actor was introduced to cocaine, one of the hardest addictions to quit. That was when he had to accept the fact that he should be admitted to a clinic before it was too late. In an episode of overdose, the actor almost died in front of his wife and from there, accepted rehabilitation. Twenty years ago Samuel L. Jackson has been sober.

5 - Jonathan Rhys Meyers

As news about the actor's rehab began to reverberate, many fans were startled by the fact that Meyers, who was so young, was an alcoholic. The truth is that the actor began to drink as soon as he woke up, and the drink brought several problems to his life, such as when he was expelled from a plane for being totally drunk, shouting and behaving irritably.

In all, the actor was hospitalized six times until 2011, when he finally considered himself free from addiction.

6 - Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter star has admitted that he did not have a very well behaved adolescence, starting to drink very early. Gradually, the actor began using alcohol as a way to keep the focus of his personal life with the intense recording routine and fame.

Radcliffe has admitted that he was drunk for most of the Harry Potter recordings, which eventually led him to a rehab, where he managed to stay sober and return to his normal life.