Check out some of the most shared ads in 2013

On social networks in general, you can find almost any type of link, so you can access interesting articles, funny jokes or even photos of your friends' families. Another type of content that is also heavily reposted is commercials posted on YouTube.

With that in mind, Unruly Media people put together a list of the 20 most shared advertisements on the internet in 2013. The metric used was not specified, but it is very likely that they took into account the numbers provided by YouTube itself - and of course You will find beautiful “pearls” within this listing.

Based on Unruly's initial selection, we at Tecmundo have separated the seven most interesting and / or fun commercials from the top 20 shares this year. If you are still curious and want to check out the full list, just click here and have fun with the curiosity of those responsible for each commercial.

Breaking the "routine"

Shares: 1 million

You may have noticed that Christmas advertisements are always very similar, right? After all, they appeal to the Christmas spirit and family unity. Because of this, the Kmart chain joined forces with the underwear brand Joe Boxer and called people shopping in an unorthodox way, so to speak.

Dancing like the King of Pop

Shares: 1 million

Using a somewhat fun and uncompromising tactic, mobile Three has produced a video in which ponies simply start dancing - that is, they have made rather irreverent use of the famous cute animals on the Internet. And as if that wasn't enough, they are able to perform Michael Jackson's famous Moonwalk.

Checkers also go to the bathroom

Shares: 1.2 million

Contrary to what many men want to believe, women go to the bathroom normally, so they can also be responsible for unpleasant odors. However, the Pooporri brand has positioned itself as the "savior" of the ladies, and their stench eliminator is passed directly into the water - and before needs are met.

Not quite an advertisement ...

Shares: 1.3 million

Vodka brand Neft decided to invest in something different - and it worked. We're talking about a company sponsored clip made for the song " Bad Motherfucker " by the Russian band Biting Elbows. The video is made in the first person, as if it were a video game, and has a lot of violence and some beautiful women.

Prank lie

Shares: 2.6 million

Throughout the year, Pepsi MAX has prepared some pranks to entertain the public. In this case, it turned out that those involved had previously rehearsed the piece, but that doesn't make it any less fun. The story is that four-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon would wear a disguise and scare a salesman by testing a car, as you can see above.

Guess who's dancing!

Shares: 3.3 million

Evian mineral water has the slogan “Live Young”, something that can only be translated as “Live Young”. Taking this phrase to the letter, your ad shows some people seeing your reflection - however, the reflected image is that of babies. Because of this, the characters started dancing to see if the little ones were with them, which was a big hit on the internet.

They are all beautiful ...

Shares: 4.2 million

This year's most shared commercial was a Dove mini-documentary. In it, some women were introduced to two of their portraits: one based on the participants' own description and one based on what was said about them by others. The final intention of the play is to show that every woman is beautiful in her own way.


So, which ad did you like the most? And, if you remember any other that was not shown in this article from Tecmundo, just leave a comment explaining which was your favorite piece published in 2013.

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