Check out some bizarre phobias in the new Mega Curious video

The new Mega Curious video will show you that being afraid is normal and that there are a lot of people out there with extreme fears - or phobias - that will leave you with your jaw dropped.

Here are some bizarre nomenclatures, such as agyrophobia, which is the absurd fear of crossing the street; demonophobia, which is nothing but the fear of demons; and eisoptrophobia, which is the terror that some people feel when they come across mirrors. But enough. We are not going to drop a lot of spoilers because the cool thing is to check out the animation, which looks great, modesty apart.

Watch the video below and then tell us if you have or know anyone who has some of these extreme fears. And if you always want to know about our new first-hand videos, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!