Check out some of the places where Judas would probably lose his boots.

Get to know some of the most isolated places on the planet. Image Source: Playback / Quo

Where is the end of the world? For many people who live in tiny cities scattered throughout the interior of Brazil the certainty that they reside in this place exists. But if you are one of those people who consider your city a true end of the line, get to know some of the places that really can be called the "end of the world." If Judas passed by, he could surely lose his old boots.

The northernmost place? Image Source: Playback / Quo

Nothing but a piece of land covered by ice. The place you see in the picture is just a tiny island discovered in 1978 north of Greenland. Discoverers call it Oodaaq, a place that was exposed to melting glaciers in that region. The area of ​​the island is no more than a few square meters, smaller than a badminton court.

Only one desert of salt is left. Image Source: Playback / Quo

Another end of the world that owes its existence to carelessness with the environment is the desert left over from the nearly dead Aral Sea in Uzbekistan. The site was the fourth largest lake in the world at its height, but was practically drained when the Union of Soviet Republics still existed. Forty years ago, the intensive cotton plantation in the region sucked in virtually all of the river water that fed the Aral Sea. With that, it turned into a great desert.

No longer the end of the world? Image Source: Playback / Quo

Swains Island was the last place on earth to connect to the world through amateur radio. In mid-2006, enthusiasts of this technology received confirmation that the site finally relied on radio wave communication. The island is so end of the world that only 37 people live there.

Life of a few months. Image Source: Playback / Quo

Also in mid-2006, a new piece of land entered the maps. Near the Kingdom of Tonga, an undersea eruption occurred giving rise to a 1.5 km wide pumice island. However, a few months after the island appeared in the middle of the ocean, the waves deteriorated the still fragile structure of the magmatic rocks and sank the new island.

* Originally posted on 4/20/2013.