Check out some tricks to get rid of ant attacks

(Image source: Reproduction / Wikipedia)

Ants are like real, hard-working, determined little soldiers who, once we decide to break into our homes, we have the impression that we will never be able to get rid of them, do we?

However, before spreading venom around the rooms, check out some tricks posted by the folks at lifehacker, with some strategies - war! - that can help scare off these enemy troops by using products that most of us can find in our own pantry:

War on ants!

According to the publication, you can spread peppermint and bay leaf extract near where ants enter, letting these ants act for two days. In addition, you can also use spices - the more aromatic the better - such as cardamom and red pepper, scattering small amounts along insect paths.

Another trick is to spread some baby powder or draw chalk lines - such as those on the blackboard - to scare off the bugs. It's not about black magic, no! Apparently, ants hate dust particles getting stuck in their paws, so this strategy can scare off insects.

Ants simply loathe cucumber, so you can scatter some slices of cucumber through cracks and openings. And as a last resort, you can make a mixture of sugar with borax - or sodium borate, a compound present in insecticides - for poor things to eat. However, be very careful when handling this substance as it can cause poisoning and even be fatal to humans.

Source: lifehacker