Take a closer look at the power of volcanic eruptions in stunning videos

Whatever happens, it is very likely that most of us Brazilians will never have a chance to witness a volcanic eruption in person. Even more unlikely is being properly equipped on time to be able to check out this amazing phenomenon of nature closely and survive to share this experience.

Thanks to the advancement of camcorders and the internet, however, today we can watch with our own eyes as brave people venture along the edges of volcanic craters filled with choppy magma. Here are some awesome videos of the world's most famous erupting volcanoes - and if you want some more immersion, be sure to turn on your heater.

Calcubo (Chile - 2015)

Avalanche on Mount St. Helens (Washington, USA - 1980)

Crack in the East Kilauea Fault (Hawaii - 2011)

Sakurajima (Japan - 2013)

Krakatau (Indonesia - 2011)

The unmarked eruption of this volcano in 1883 is considered one of the most violent volcanic events ever documented. The eruption had a power equivalent to the explosion of 200 megatons of TNT.

Mount Tavurvur (Papua New Guinea - 2014)

Eruption of Holuhraun Fissure from Bardarbunga (Iceland - 2014)

Eyjafjallajökull (Iceland - 2010)

Ambryn Marum Crater (Vanuatu - 2012)

Another view of the site was also recorded by a drone.

Villarrica (Chile - 2015)

Via TecMundo.