Check out these awesome nuclear reactor designs

Nuclear power is a controversial topic. This feature is currently found in about 30 countries around the world, both for beneficial use and for worrying results.

The first reactor, called the Chicago Pile-1, was built by the University of Chicago in 1942 and had three men known as the "suicide squad" who would be recruited if anything went wrong during the experiment. The first nuclear reaction lasted 28 minutes and fortunately none of them had to act.

As with everything dangerous, especially technology, nucellar energy also has positive aspects that can be extracted. An example of this is the University of New Mexico, which cataloged various representations of nuclear reactors built around the world. The perspectives and types of designs vary, but they are all fantastic.

From all ages

The designs were produced between the 1950s and 1990s by International Nuclear Engineering for its official magazine and were often exhibited in the offices of nuclear engineers during that period.

However, a few years ago, an engineer at Sandia National Laboratories realized that many of the murals were lost due to the natural wear and tear of time. Thus, he worked with to digitize all 105 drawings that were published by the magazine.

All drawings are marked according to the type of reactor. For example, PWR stands for “pressurized water reactor”, AGR stands for “advanced gas cooled reactor” and so on.

Below you can see several images that were published by the University of New Mexico:

Some drawings

No. 27 BR3 (Belgium)

Hinkley Point B AGR, (England)

Latina Magnox (Italy)

Gosgen PWR (Switzerland)

Wylfa Magnox (England)

Dungeness B AGR (England)

Indian Point 1 PWR (United States)

Creys-Malville Super Phenix (France)

System 80+ Yongwang 3 & 4

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