Check out the 'nicest video in the world' and forget all your problems

For some people, surfing the web on their mobile or PC is a chance to relax from everyday stress. While kitten productions, perfectly looped GIFs, and amazing landscape images often do the trick, some materials stand out even more in the quest to satisfy our brains. How about, then, enjoy a clip that compiles a variety of videos with intricate mechanisms, unusual activities, and mouthwatering patterns, huh?

During its five-minute duration, the pack of fantastic real-world actions and events does its best to make our eyes shine. The dedication of this work is so clear that the video - which you can see above - was named "The Most Satisfying Video In The World, " something that can be translated as "The Most Enjoyable Video in the World." The mix basically offers visually captivating scenes that somehow resemble organization and detail beyond what we see on a daily basis.

If you're a fan of jaw-dropping GIFs or photos that can mesmerize anyone with a slight OCD for hours, chances are the production won't disappoint. Marbles down long winding paths, super-thin tomato slices being sliced ​​with an extremely sharp knife, machines organizing dozens of batteries, and a courtyard losing its grimy look step by step are just some of the surprisingly relaxing and attractive images you find here.

It is worth noting that choosing the soundtrack to accompany these clips is not exactly the right one for the theme, and may hinder the immersion or fun of some users. If this is your case, fear nothing! A very interesting solution is to play the video while playing a relaxing playlist on your favorite music streaming service. So, can you forget the boss's scolding or the red grade at school with this flawless sequence of activities?

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Via TecMundo.