Check out three creatures you've never seen in a video of less than 3 minutes

Galapagos continues to impress not only ordinary people who come in contact with their exotic fauna, but also biologists who venture into its waters full of creatures virtually unknown to science.

In this video made by the exploration vessel Nautilus, we can see three species of very rare marine animals that even make scientists curious. The former was unidentified, but it does resemble the oddly strange vampire squid (yes, that is her name), an exotic being whose official nomenclature is Vampyroteithis infernalis and who lives in seas at depths of 400 to 1, 000 meters. Despite the similarity, the creature that appears in the video is obviously from another yet unknown species.

The second animal has an elongated body and a rather striking purple coloration. Its texture looks velvety and it has a well-defined head ("if that's a head, " as one of the narrators can be heard speaking in the video). Apparently the creature is still unknown to scientists.

New acquaintance

The only one identified is the third and last, a species of sea worm that in English is called squidworm, something that in Portuguese would be “ squidworm ”. Its discovery is quite recent: it was first registered in 2007 and has gained the official nomenclature of Teuthidodrilus samae. The animal presents both characteristics of those who live at the bottom of the oceans and those who inhabit more open areas of the sea.

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