Get to know 10 of the highest and lowest temperatures on earth

Luckily, here in Brazil, it is very rare for thermometers to record extreme temperatures - whether in winter or summer! However, there are places on earth where thermometers hit almost unbelievable marks. Here are 10 of the hottest and 10 coldest places in the world, selected from an interesting survey by GB Energy Supply. Check out:

It's hot!

10 - Assal Lake

Location: Republic of Djibouti

Maximum recorded temperature: 52 ° C

Formed in the crater of an extinct volcano, Lake Assal records temperatures of 52 ° C during the summer, and thermometers never reach below 34 ° C in the winter.

9 - Tirat Zvi

Location: Israel

Maximum recorded temperature: 54 ° C

Home to an important Israeli kibbutz, Tirat Zvi has been reported to have the highest air temperature in Asia.

8 - Lake Waimangu

Location: New Zealand

Maximum recorded temperature: between 50 and 60 ° C

Also known as “Waimangu Cauldron”, this lake is found in the Echo Crater in the Waimangu Volcanic Valley nature reserve, and in addition to being the hottest in the world, it also holds the title of largest hot spring on the planet.

7 - Kebili

Location: Tunisia

Maximum recorded temperature: 55 ° C

In Kebili, a town in southern Tunisia, the highest recorded air temperature on the African continent has been reported.

6 - Death Valley

Location: United States

Maximum recorded temperature: 56.7 ° C

Located in California's Mojave Desert, Death Valley bears the title of the highest air temperature on record.

5 - Al 'Aziziyah

Location: Libya

Maximum recorded temperature: 57.8 ° C

Due to a series of controversies involving the measurement, Al 'Aziziyah vies for the place title with the highest air temperature ever recorded with Death Valley.

4 - Crystal Cave

Location: Mexico

Maximum recorded temperature: 58 ° C

The incredible Crystal Cave, located in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, is the hottest cave on the planet.

3 - Gaochang Mountains

Location: China

Maximum recorded temperature: 66.8 ° C

The mountains located in the Xinjiang region hold the highest temperature title ever recorded in a mountainous region.

2 - Queensland

Location: Australia

Maximum temperature recorded: 69.3 ° C

The temperature was recorded in the interior of the Australian state and was the highest ever observed in the Southern Hemisphere.

1 - Dasht-e Lut

Location: Iran

Maximum recorded temperature: 70.7 ° C

This was the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth's surface, measured by NASA's MODIS sensor.

It's cold!

10 - Eureka Research Base

Location: Canada

Minimum temperature recorded: - 20 ° C

The Eureka Research Base is a small complex on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut Territory, northern Canada, and is the uninhabited facility where the world's lowest temperatures were recorded.

9 - Altnaharra

Location: United Kingdom

Minimum temperature recorded: - 27, 2 ° C

Set in the Scottish Highlands, the village of Altnaharra is the lowest temperature village in the UK.

8 - Kungur Cave

Location: Russia

Minimum temperature: 32 ° C

Situated in the Ural Mountains, Kungur Cave is famous for its beautiful ice formations and for being one of the coldest caves ever known.

7 - Ulaanbaatar

Location: Mongolia

Minimum temperature recorded: - 40 ° C

Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia bears the title of capital with the lowest temperatures ever recorded in the world.

6 - Mount McKinley

Location: United States

Minimum temperature recorded: - 40 ° C

Beautiful Mount McKinley is in Alaska and is the coldest mountain on earth.

5 - Yakutsk

Location: Russia

Minimum temperature recorded: - 64, 5 ° C

Although there are cooler villages and settlements in Russia (as you will see in items 3 and 2 below), Yakutsk holds the lowest temperature title ever recorded in a large urbanized area.

4 - Greenland Ice Cloak

Location: Greenland

Minimum temperature recorded: - 66, 1 ° C

The ice sheet covers nearly 80% of the Greenland surface, and it was in this vast frozen mass that the lowest temperature in the western hemisphere was recorded.

3 - Oymyakon

Location: Russia

Minimum temperature recorded: - 67, 7 ° C

The village of Oymyakon, with just 500 inhabitants, sits by the Indigirka River and disputes with Verkhoyansk (below) the title of permanently inhabited place with the lowest temperatures ever recorded on the planet.

2 - Verkhoyansk

Location: Russia

Minimum temperature recorded: - 72 ° C

Situated near the Arctic Circle, Verkhoyansk shares with Oymyakon the nickname the "North Pole of the Cold."

1 - Vostok Station

Location: Antarctica

Minimum temperature recorded: - 89, 2 ° C

As we told in a story here from Mega Curious dedicated to Antarctica, the lowest temperature ever recorded on the continent - and in the world! - was - 89.2 ° C, although satellite measurements have already detected temperatures of - 93.2 ° C!


The above article was created based on an infographic prepared by GB Energy Supply, and you can check the full information through this link.