Meet the beauty of the peacock spider [video]

Disliking spiders is a relatively common thing, because some of these creatures are known for the strong poisons they transmit through a bite. There is even a phobia - fear or exaggerated aversion - when it comes to spider: arachnophobia, which has already become the main theme of the horror movie.

Maybe your opinion of these little creatures changes a little after you get to know the peacock spider, which is simply beautiful and even friendly. We already talked about her here at Mega Curious, when we had a bizarre spider meeting, remember?


Image Source: Playback / AmusingPlanet

Today, however, you will know a little more about this pet, whose male makes a colorful presentation when he wants to attract a mate to the mating. And the fact that the body of these spiders is colored is what gives them the nickname peacock spider, and, of course, the fact that they use these colors when practicing the art of seduction, especially when lifting two colored tabs, more or less as peacocks do when they want to mate.

Females, in turn, analyze the colors of the male, the vibration that his movements cause and thus can detect if the partner is healthy and if it belongs to the correct species for the mating to happen.

Little dance

Image Source: Playback / AmusingPlanet

After displaying all his colors, the male, no larger than 4 mm, does a dance - with movements similar to those made by a crab - to complement his conquest strategies. Even with all this wailing, the tactic does not always work, and when the female does not accept mating, the male needs to get away quickly, otherwise he is at risk of being attacked by her.

The peacock spider, of the species maratus volans , is found in Australia in 20 differently charming subspecies, with their colorful bellies. If you want to see - but not so close - these nice spiders, watch the video below and then tell us: would you be afraid of them?