Meet the open grass bed made of real grass [video]

In hot times like the one we are living now, outdoor programs are always a great choice. From a walk in the park to a weekend in a farm, these are things that attract many people. And in this kind of program, one of the situations that almost everyone is looking for is resting lying down or sitting on the grass.

Admitted admirer of time spent resting and gazing at the grassy landscape, gardener Jason Hodges came up with a different idea to help those who want to do this, but without leaving home. The man, who is host of Australian TV's Better Homes & Garden, built an open-air bed made of real grass.

In the video you can see at the top of the text, Hodges shows how to build the object, giving tips on planting and growing the grass, such as fertilizer to use and ways to mow. With a simple finish, the presenter achieves a beautiful result that, in addition to the comfort it can provide, becomes a sophisticated element for yard decoration.

Oh, and before criticism arises that this bed will be 'just for itching', Hodges explains that the variety of the plant he is using is different and does not cause irritation and itching, as the most common types. The video is in English and the simultaneous translation is not very good, but the images speak for themselves, so it's worth checking out even if you don't understand English.

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