Meet the billionaire house described as the 8th wonder of the world

Bruce Makowsky is a construction entrepreneur who designed a home for himself that cost $ 250 million, the equivalent of nearly $ 700 million.

With this, the "little house" became one of the most expensive private properties on the planet.

The mansion is located in Los Angeles and has 12 suites, 21 bathrooms, 3 kitchens and 5 bars

A private cinema accommodates 40 guests in luxurious reclining armchairs and is decorated with the James Bond theme.

One of the outdoor decks features an infinity pool and a privileged view of the city.

It took 4 years of construction before the property was completed.

The winery is filled with the best wines and champagnes from around the world

And she is big. Very large!

If you're bored, you can have fun with an indoor bowling alley.

Or how about playing foosball while clogging up candy?

The mansion also has a private jealous gym

And also with a "tiny" car collection, valued at $ 100 million

The dining room has unbelievable views.

And for relaxation, nothing better than enjoying the private spa

The place also has a helipad, with the Bell 222A helicopter, which was used in the TV series "Eagle of Fire" during the 80s - only the aircraft is already retired and only serves as decoration.

To adorn the foot of the stairs, a huge sculpture of a Leica camera made of stainless steel by artist Yibai Liao

About 130 other pieces of art adorn the house, such as this weapon made by sculptor Gale Hart

There is also a collection of gasoline cans made of copper and gold, dating from 1892!

There's even a champagne pinball machine, no matter how it works.

Sensational, huh?