Meet the decoration of 5 caves that look like movie set

There is no denying it: caves are part of popular culture when it comes to hiding, being the good guy or the villain in history. Comic book superheroes have their own caves, real life villains too: Osama bin Laden hid in one for years, Hitler also used a cave to protect himself.

Apart from all the stories that permeate the popular imagination, there is no denying it: caves are very cool and can house amazingly decorated environments. Gizmodo has made a list of amazing real caves that could effortlessly become a movie set.

Pionen Data Center, Sweden Image Source: Reproduction / Gizmodo

In addition to being in a breathtaking place, the Pionen Data Center in Sweden is more than 30 meters below the earth's surface and houses a technology center with a look that is not to be compared with any film. of fiction. In addition, the site was built so sturdy that it could withstand the impact of a thermonuclear bomb.

Corbis Files Image Source: Reproduction / Gizmodo

Would you risk telling what kind of material is stored in this gigantic 900 square meter cave? With temperature and humidity controlled strictly at 7º and 37%, respectively, the site houses negatives and original archives of some of the most important photographs in human history. Among the Corbis archives is, for example, the iconic photo of Albert Einstein showing his tongue.

Villa Vals Source of the image: Reproduction / GizmodoVilla Vals was built on a mountain in Switzerland for one simple reason: local laws prevent house construction from “disrupting the natural beauty” of the alpine valley. The solution was to “hide” the building. The idea is not exclusive. In other images, you can see entire villages of underground houses in the same region.

Italy Fire Station Image Source: Reproduction / Gizmodo

One of the biggest surprises on the list is the cave that sits in the Italian Alps and houses a fire department barracks. The modern look (both inside and out) makes the place get a lot of attention.

Military Space Off in Norway Image Source: Reproduction / Gizmodo

From a spiked tunnel in the mountains of Norway, you can reach a cave of no less than 13, 470 square meters and an additional 25, 083 square meters bomb-proof space within the rocks. There were military devices that are currently inactive.