Meet the family that inspired the movie Invoke Evil

If a horror movie had a recipe for success, what could it be missing? Kids that look cute but can see spirits, maybe? A doll that is not sweet and that causes chills in any scene? Any religious characters, such as a nun, who convey no peace? And when a movie brings it all together? In addition to causing nightmares, this is the recipe for which The Evocation of Evil franchise is one of the biggest horror hits in recent movie history.

What few people know, however, is that the cases portrayed in the movies were inspired by real characters, more precisely one family: the Perrons, who in the 1970s moved to a house on Rhone Island, where strangers events began to happen. The situation was so frightening that the family called the couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, famous paranormal case scholars, who appear in the Evocation of Evil films.

The Perron Family

Formed by the couple Carolyn and Roger, the Perron moved into a large 14-room house in January 1971. The large rooms were more than enough for the couple and their five daughters who, soon after the move, began to notice small children. situations: heaps of dust that seemed to have been swept to some corners waiting to be gathered, while the brooms seemed to have been moved.

So far so good. An organized spirit, what harm do you have?

However, things began to get more and more sinister: the children guaranteed to see spirits, which were sometimes good and playing, sometimes agitated and aggressive, moving the beds and causing terror, such as the films of the Evocation of Evil franchise. portray so faithfully.

The matriarch Carolyn and her five daughters. (Source: Adventures in History / Reproduction)

The curse

Trying to figure out what was happening, the family matriarch Carolyn went to research the history of the house and found that one of the residents, Bathsheba Sherman, besides hanging herself outside the house, was considered Satanist by society and appeared to be involved in the murder. of a child.

Tired and very afraid (and who wouldn't be?), The Perrons turn to Ed and Lorraine, the paranormal couple, who tried to communicate with the spirits to understand what was happening. As Evocation of Evil shows, the couple's presence led to a Carolyn exorcism session.

The scariest? Nothing worked, and finally his father Roger sent the Warren away, and the Peron family stayed there for another 10 years until they had money to move. One of the couple's daughters has written three books about family experience and today travels the world giving lectures on their stories.

Me, huh?