Meet the story of overcoming the man who lost an eye and was like this

Have you seen the man in the image above before? He keeps popping up on these lists of amazing people and bizarre non-photoshop photos that circulate on the Internet, but do you know what happened to this guy being able to stick his finger in his mouth and pop his tip over his eye?

According to Kara Goldfarb of All That Is Interesting, the name of the man above is Billy Owen and he stayed that way after undergoing surgery that, despite dramatically changing his appearance, saved his life. It all started a little less than a decade ago, when the American began to suffer from his constantly stuffy nose.

Devastating diagnosis

At the time, Billy worked as a motorcycle mechanic in Oklahoma, USA, and suddenly he had headaches and noticed that his right nostril was completely clogged, resulting in difficulty breathing. Because these two symptoms are not especially rare at first, doctors thought Billy had a sinus.

Eyeless man

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But even after the proper treatment, the problems persisted - and that's when Billy's wife forced him to look for a specialist. After a series of tests, the mechanic found that instead of sinusitis, he had undifferentiated sinonasal carcinoma, a rare and aggressive type of cancer that arises in the tissue that covers the nasal cavities.

As if the diagnosis wasn't scary enough, the doctors explained to Billy that his cancer had already spread so far that he had only a 10 percent chance of survival. And you know the worst? The mechanic had recently become a father and his baby was only six months old when Billy discovered he was seriously ill.

Billy owen

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Drama and Overcoming

For one of the steps doctors took to try to save Billy was to have Billy undergo surgery that removed part of his face. The American lost the nasal cavity, as well as muscles and nerves of the face and right eye. He also had some teeth extracted, ended up with a hole in the palate and lost much of his ability to smell.

Eyeless man

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On the other hand, Billy was able to beat cancer, heal and be present in her son's life. However, after leaving the battle with visible scars and impaired vision, the American thought it would be safer to abandon his career as a mechanic - more for the sake of his customers.

And don't think he gave up work and whimpered around the corner! Despite all the hardships she experienced - not least - Billy decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle, dedicate herself more to her family and seize the new opportunities that came her way.

Billy Owen Zombie

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So instead of hiding the new scars and emptiness left by his right eye or becoming depressed, Billy began working as an extra in haunted houses and horror attractions and making zombie appearances in movies and music videos. Basically, he goes on touching life and enjoying the company of his family.


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