Learn the story of the lucky four-time lucky winner

As you live there, having no luck even at your church bingo, know that in luck there is a citizen who humiliates anyone. The retired post office worker in the town of Woodbridge, Virginia, who goes by the name of Melvyn Wilson, won the lottery this year for the fourth time.

No joke, no. Wilson received the $ 500, 000 prize, which is already the fourth fat check he wins after placing a bet. According to the organizers of the sweepstakes, the lucky guy had already received the following amounts: $ 500, 000 in November 2004, $ 25, 000 in March 2005, and $ 1 million in a scratch card bought at a gas station in his city in September 2005, just six months after that year's first prize.

A lot of people have speculated the lucky gambler and all he says is that he was lucky to be in the right places at the right times. Apparently so far in Virginia History, there are no records of another such lucky winner. In the US, however, Wilson is not alone: ​​Stanford University professor Joan Ginther has also won the lottery four times, winning nearly $ 21 million in prizes between 1993 and 2010.

Some speculators claim that to win one of these draws you must always play the same numbers and bet as many times as you can. Here's the tip, huh!