Meet the legend of the vampire that haunted a Guadalajara cemetery

There is an old cemetery called Santa Paula in Guadalajara, Mexico, which was built in 1848, closed in 1896, less than 50 years after its "inauguration, " and today functions as a museum. However, this place became known for a very interesting - and macabre! One that involves bloody deaths, the existence of an evil creature and a beautiful hint of mystery.

Guadalajara Vampire

The Santa Paula cemetery is also known locally as Panteón de Belén and, according to legend, a few years after beginning to receive its “residents”, it would have been the scene of very sinister events. It would all have started with the discovery of the corpse of a young girl thrown into an alley in the immediate vicinity of the site.

Cemetery in mexico

Interior of Belén Pantén (Vivir Guadalajara)

The girl would have died from a neck injury - more specifically, a jugular injury - and all the blood on her body would have been completely drained. Then, a few days later, while the population was still dealing with the young woman's shocking death, another dead man was discovered, also near the Belén Pantheon.

This time it was the body of a deceased in the cemetery itself - which would have been exhumed shortly after the burial - and this corpse, like the girl's, showed strange marks on its neck. And to cause even more commotion in the community after the discovery of the young and the dead, a little girl would have appeared dead in the Pantheon of Belén, showing the same signs as the previous victims.


Of course, based on the evidence - and considering we're talking about crimes that happened nearly 200 years ago (not to mention that in any case it's a legend!) - the Guadalajara crowd soon concluded that the perpetrator could only Be a vampire. Thus, the community would have organized a vigil around the Pantheon of Belén and, by the end of the first night, a creature would have been seen prowling some graves.

Old grave

One of the old cemetery graves (Clauzzen)

According to history, a group of men set off upon their being, and after a brief fight one of the brave Tapatios (as the Guadalajara natives are known) staked a stake in the heart of the beast. To ensure that such a vampire would not return to terrorize - and suck the blood - from the living, the community buried the creature with a stake and everything in a deep pit that was covered with concrete. But the story doesn't end here, no!

It is said that just over a month after the vampire was cast in the grave, a number of cracks began to appear on the surface. Afraid that the dark being was trying to escape, the Guadalajara gang went to investigate and found that fractures in the concrete were being produced by the roots of a tree in the cemetery.

Tree in graveyard

The Sinister Tree (Atlas Obscura / Mephistopheles)

By the way, they also say that even today, when someone tries to cut down the tree's roots or branches, it spills a thick scarlet liquid - which would be human blood. Buuuu ... There is unlikely to be anything real in this whole story, but it helps to add a touch of mystery to visits to the old cemetery, it helps!


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