Meet the world's largest ferris wheel [video]

Everyone must agree that big wheels are not the most exciting rides in the amusement park, right? Therefore, the fashion launched by the British with their London Eye certainly managed to give the structure a new look, giving it a new usefulness as a giant "lookout".

So, following the example of London, the people of Singapore decided to build the largest ferris wheel in the world, which is 165 meters high and a wheel 150 meters in diameter. Named Singapore Flyer, the structure has 28 air-conditioned capsules that can hold up to 28 passengers, taking 30 minutes to complete a lap.

In addition, the view is not limited to Singapore, as on clear days you can see it at a distance of 45 kilometers, meaning that the 10 million tourists who visit Singapore Flyer each year can even see spot some islands in Indonesia and Malaysia!

You can enable subtitles in Portuguese in the video menu.

Sources: Singapore Flyer and YouTube