Meet the mythological Indian bridge built by monkeys

There is a stretch of ocean between India and Sri Lanka in Asia that has been piquing the curiosity - and creativity - of the people for centuries. The Adam's Bridge, also called the Rama's Bridge, is a kind of connection that exists between these two territories and makes it quite clear that both are - or have been, at some point - connected by a passage.

Currently, it is not walkable, but at the same time it is not possible to cross this stretch with boats, because there is no depth, and the bridge acts as a barrier. But what's so special about this place?

See this image taken by NASA in 2002:

It clearly shows a connection between the two parts of land, in which much of the local population - especially those most faithful to the religious traditions of India - believe it to be the bridge built by King Rama's army of monkeys.

The story in the epic Ramayana tells that thousands of years ago a prince named Rama lost his right to the throne. During a 14-year forest exile, his wife was kidnapped by the demon king who ruled Sri Lanka, Ravana.

Rama loved his wife very much and went to rescue her, but for that he had to face 50 kilometers of ocean - which he did with the help of his army of monkeys.

According to the epic, monkeys wrote Rama's name on stones and threw them into the sea. They then came together and formed a floating bridge that enabled the prince to reach the other side, defeat Ravana and fetch his wife.

Rama was so ovated by the population that they allowed him to return to royal descent, and he was crowned king shortly after his return.

The bridge, however, remained there for use - and it really was. There are indications in the region that, until around the 15th century, it was in fact taken advantage of by the local people, who were walking. It was an intermittent passage that disappeared according to the tide, a kind of sandbar solid enough to make the journey safe, according to writings kept at the Rameswaram temple in India.

Science and economics

Although many people do not believe the story that the Rama Bridge was built by literate magical monkeys, the belief remains as solid as the sandbar, so it is almost a religious monument.

At the very least, this argument was used when the Indian government made a proposal for dredging the region in order to shorten the journey required from India to Sri Lanka by almost 400 kilometers. This is because those who go from west to east of the island need to navigate around it, which makes everything much more expensive.

Despite the financial argument, Hindu far-right organizations appealed to the bridge's religious appeal, adding to the environmental factor, as dredging would directly affect fish populations and marine vegetation, and destroy a barrier that could possibly contribute to the reduction. tsunamis on the spot.

As for the origin of the passage itself, scientists from various areas have already analyzed the region and concluded that it could be coral, sand and even a remnant of a time when Sri Lanka had disconnected from the mainland of Asia. Still, there is no official explanation for its existence.


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