Meet the new Human Barbie, a 16 year old Ukrainian

While a human Barbie hypnosis to be dumb, another young model is famous for saying she never had plastic surgery or a diet to look like the doll.

The young Ukrainian Lolita Richi, just 16 years old, has attracted attention after standing out by posting her photos on the internet, where she displays Barbie-like physical proportions and physiognomy. Lolita claims not to have had any surgery and states that the photos she publishes are not edited.

In statements published in Extra, Lolita states that she only has one privileged body and eats whatever is available in the fridge without worrying about dieting. She also said that her large breasts are natural and that from time to time she wears padded bras to make them even bigger.

“I feel comfortable and confident in my appearance. There are many women who want to look like me, ”said the vain, confident teenager.

Via InAbstract