Meet the German bridge that is considered the most photogenic in the world

Germany retains one of the most fascinating postcards of the Old Continent: the Rakotzbrücke bridge, also known as the Devil's Bridge, in Glabenz - about 150 kilometers from Berlin.

To ensure its preservation, the construction crossing is controlled, which does not prevent numerous tourists from visiting it every year, attracted by the perfect circle caused by its reflection in the waters of the Rakotzsee river.

She is the main attraction of one of Germany's largest botanical gardens.

Inaugurated in 1860, it was commissioned by the former owner of the town, Friedrich Herrmann Rötschke. The reason it became known as the Devil's Bridge dates back to times when buildings considered dangerous were, according to people's superstition, the works of Satan.

Today, the bridge is the most sought-after attraction of one of Germany's largest botanical gardens, Rhododendron Park. Admission is free.