Meet some people famous for being in the Guinness Book

There is no doubt that the Book of Records is one of the most interesting of all time, because there you will find every kind of bizarre thing possible - and people proud to play for the title of the most bizarre. It never hurts to meet Guinness Book's super-alien title winners, so check out some of them below:

1 - The hairiest person in the world

Image Source: Playback / Bizarbin

This Thai teenager, called Supatra Nat Sasupha, suffers from a rare genetic condition that causes all the hair on her body to grow, even where it shouldn't, such as her face. If you think having this condition is a very bad thing, know that Sasupha considers himself a normal person and happy to be different, special. Since being recognized by the Guinness Book, she has felt like a celebrity.

2 - The biggest nose in the world

Image Source: Playback / Bizarbin

This man is another person who is proud of his rank in the Book of Records. Mehmet Ozyurek's nose measures an incredible 8.8 cm. It may seem little, but when it comes to the nose, it's not a little, no.

3 - Biggest natural breasts in the world

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The American Annie Hawkins-Turner has 177.8 cm bust and constantly needs to escape people who chase her because of the size of their breasts.

4 - The widest eyes in the world

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Kim Goodman found that she could do this with her eyes when she was hit in the head by a hockey mask. That was how she realized that her eyes could be extremely bulging: during a fright. This can also happen without her planning, especially when she is yawning - a sight that should be a little scary.

5 - The widest mouth in the world

Image Source: Playback / Bizarbin

The Angolan Francisco Domingo Joaquim is proud of the 17 cm of his mouth. If an image is too little for you, watch the video below and understand what this man is capable of.

6 - The tallest person ever

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The tallest man ever recorded was Robert Pershing Wadlow, who died in the 1940s at the age of 22. After him and his 199 kg spread over 2.72 m in height, there is still no competitor at the height.

7 - The smallest person in the world

Image Source: Playback / Bizarbin

Jyoti Amage is an 18-year-old Indian woman who stands 62 cm tall and suffers from a type of dwarfism known as achondroplasia that prevents her growth. She is another record holder who considers herself blessed by her condition. Amage hopes to become a movie star.

8 - The largest waist in the world

Image Source: Playback / Bizarbin

The title here goes to a US citizen named Walter Hudson, who is among the most obese people of all time. He weighed 550 kg and his waist measured 3.02 m. Hudson spent 15 years without leaving home, and when he left, nine firefighters had to mobilize to rescue him. He did a super diet and lost more than 360 kg, but eventually regained his weight loss when he compulsively resumed eating.

Hudson died at the age of 46 from a heart attack in 1991. A coffin needed to be made: 1.4 m wide, 1 m deep and 2.2 m long.