Check out some of McDonalds, Burger King, and Subway 'secret' sandwiches

Last year, many people were surprised to find that Brazilian McDonalds has a "secret" menu that goes beyond sandwiches and chips. Because it is not the specialty of the fast food chain, the rice and beans dish ends up hidden inside the establishment.

But it's not just here that it happens. The #HackTheMenu site features a compilation of several items that are not advertised by restaurants such as McDonalds, Burger King and Subway. Because it's a gringo site, all the products are only found out there - but if you got any of them here, be sure to tell us!

On the English site, there is still room for other networks that are little known in Brazil, such as KFC, Taco Bell and Wendy's. In the list below, we show some of these items that you do not find in the menu, but you can order in the North American network stores that exist in our country:

1. McDonalds


With a suggestive name, McGangbang puts a McChicken inside a McDouble.

Big mcchicken

Two hamburgers, lettuce, cheese, special sauce, onion and pickles ... between McChicken's chicken fingers? That's right! Just take the classic recipe from BigMac and replace the breads with breaded. Sounds delicious, huh?


This sandwich gives a calorie boost and carries no less than EIGHT hamburgers in its composition.

2. Subway

Pizza Sub

With pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese, Pizza Sub was part of the menu during a 2012 promotion and has since remained a “secret” Subway item.

Wing effect

In the US, when you order the wing effect, your sandwich comes with parts of the stuffing on display, so you can nibble on the meat before you eat your snack.

Old cut

In the past, Subway sandwiches were cut differently. Instead of dividing the bread in half, only the "cap" of the sandwich was cut. The technique has changed over 10 years ago, but there are a lot of people who prefer the old way and can do it - as long as they find attendants who know how to do it.

3. Burger King

BK Suicide

No less than four Burger King burgers, four cheese slices and bacon strips make this sandwich a calorie bomb!

BK Rodeo

What if you took a simple cheeseburger and gave it an incremental with crispy onion rings and hot sauce? This is the proposal of BK Rodeio, which was available on the regular menu for a short time and now remains "secret" on the fast food menu.

Vegetarian Whooper

Whooper is Burger King's flagship, but there are people who don't eat meat. How to proceed? Simple, just replace the beef burger with a veggie burger!

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Do you know the secret menu of fast food chains? Discover McDonalds, Subway, and Burger King sandwiches and make sure to comment on the Mega Curious Forum if you have tasted one.