Meet scary telepathic experiences experienced by twins

As much as science looks doubtfully and skeptically at certain psychic phenomena, such as telepathy, many twins around the world say they can feel the same things as their siblings. We selected 3 cases of telepathy that occurred with twins and were reported by themselves on Reddit. Check it out:

1. Warning in the dream

According to user IndiaLeigh, her aunt, who was her father's twin sister, had a dream she understands as telepathy between twins. According to her, her aunt woke up in the middle of the night and told her husband that she had had a very strange dream with her brother. In the dream, he said he was leaving and that she would need to take care of his children. Obviously, her aunt was very scared of this dream. According to the user, "That morning we discovered that my father died while he was sleeping."

2. Passed out at the exact moment of her sister's death

The Marilokisky user claims to be a complete skeptic, but admits the story is quite strange.
He had never fainted before, but the first time this occurred was just when his sister suddenly died. He said he was at work when, out of nowhere, he passed out and was unconscious for about five seconds. Then she received a phone call informing her that she was hospitalized and that he should go to the hospital. However, she had already died of aortic aneurysm, a very unusual cause for someone who was healthy and only 23 years old. “Worst day of my life, ” says the user.

3. Transfer of pain

Another user, mrspremise, said that at the age of two, her twin sister had part of her finger torn off after being trapped in the door. While the parents were taking the girl to the hospital, something unusual happened.

He played quietly when, for no reason, he began to scream and shiver and cry. The uncles who cared for him became nervous, mainly because nothing seemed to make the boy calm down. But just as it started out of nowhere, he stopped crying.

His sister, on the other hand, went to the hospital and made the points calmly as if nothing had happened, without even having to use anesthesia. There was no shouting or crying, which left both parents and doctor impressed. As happened at the same time, everyone thinks his sister's pain has been transferred to him telepathically.