Meet 5 more ominous stories of people who once lived with the dead

We at Mega Curious have already posted a story here telling some macabre cases of people who simply couldn't or refused to separate from their deceased loved ones - and you can check out the full article through this link.

However, we recently came across yet another list of similar stories in a Geordie Mcelroy publication from the ListVerse portal, and decided to select 5 of the most sinister for you to check out. See below:

1 - Postponed Ritual

Gerald Gavan was an 88-year-old World War II veteran who lived with his wife, Ila Solomon, in Indiana, USA, until some friends realized he was half gone. For months, while phoning to find out how Gerald was doing, acquaintances came across Ila's lame excuses that he was in Florida playing golf or had traveled to the Grand Canyon, for example. An old man. 88 years old. Alone.

Ila Solomon, 55, wife of Gerald Gavan

Distrustful of Ila's stories, one of Gerald's friends decided to contact the police and ask them to check the situation. It was then that the officers discovered the poor man's body in an advanced state of decomposition in the living room. Ila admitted that Gerald had died of a stroke and that she had not warned anyone because she wanted to fulfill her husband's last wish for a "heavenly burial."

This burial, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is a typical Tibetan ritual where the dead are taken to mountain tops to be devoured by vultures. Ila intended to do so from the living room, but was eventually charged with crimes such as corpse concealment, theft and social security fraud - since Gerald had been dead for at least nine months and all the while, Ila continued to receive her husband's pension.

2 - Denying the reality

It's not uncommon to see parents who have lost a child go crazy, and that's what happened to the American couple Bruce and Shrell Hopkins. The two lived in Spain with their three children, until a tragedy shook the family: the youngest, Caleb, 7, suffered from asthma and did not wake up one morning. But instead of taking action, Bruce and Shrell freaked out and continued to live with the dead boy as if nothing had happened.

Apartment where nonconforming parents lived with their youngest son

What is worse is that the other children of the couple, 12 and 14 years old, were caught in this macabre situation. According to the authorities, although Caleb's condition was serious, his parents refused to take him to the hospital because they did not believe in conventional medicine. And when the worst happened, Bruce and Shrell simply refused to accept the boy's death. The parents were charged with manslaughter and lost custody of their other children.

3 - Family Attachment

In fact, it's not just parents who go crazy with the death of their children. Some people really have a hard time accepting the demise of loved ones, such as Jean Stevens, a Pennsylvania lady who was discovered living in 2010 with the body of her twin sister, who had died the year before, and her dead husband. for over 10 years.

Jean was happy to be in the company of her loved ones

Authorities found that Jean - then 91 - applied makeup to her dead sister's face every day and dressed her in her best clothes. Her husband, on the other hand, was kept on a sofa in the garage, wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and blue tie. The old woman, unhappy with their deaths, dug up their bodies and took them home, and said she was comforted to be able to touch, be and talk to them whenever she wanted.

4 - Turned on the TV

Imagine the wonder if one day you looked out a neighbor's window and saw him watching TV next to a human skeleton. That was the shock that residents of a Stafford neighborhood in England saw upon seeing Timothy Brown, a 59-year-old Briton, watching his favorite show with his father's skeleton, Kenneth, 94 - sitting in his favorite armchair and dressed in your little pijaminha

Home where Tim Brown was seen watching television with his father's skeleton

According to Tim, the father died after falling during an early fire in the residence. At first the old man did not seem to have been hurt badly, but the next day, when his son went to see how Kenneth was doing, he was already dead. Tim must have been afraid to warn the authorities, and time went by, passing by ... until the situation was reported by the neighborhood that saw the good son with the skeleton.

5 - Norman Bates Ukrainian

In the previous article about people who have lived with the dead, we commented on an Argentinian (Norman Bates) who was found near his mother's completely mummified body - who would have died of natural causes 10 years earlier, although he told everyone that woman was still alive. For, strange as this type of case may seem, something similar was repeated in Ukraine last year.

Really macabre scene

The case happened in Kiev, and was discovered after neighbors of a building complained of a leak in one of the apartments. Authorities arrived at the scene and had to break down the unit's door to enter - and it was then that they found a 46-year-old man hanged and also his mother's mummified corpse, who had died at least five years earlier.

According to the neighbors, the man was extremely discreet and lonely, and everyone was a little surprised when his mother suddenly disappeared. Residents even inquired about the woman's whereabouts, but the guy first said she had moved inland and then to another country. The researchers found no signs of violence in the woman's body, so it seems to be a case similar to what happened in Argentina.