Meet the inflatable bar that perfectly mimics an Irish pub

After years of complaining about not being able to throw yourself in a ball pool or jump on a bouncer, it's time for you to look back at your childhood inflatable toys a little more adultly. This is Paddy Wagon Pub, an Irish pub-inspired inflatable bar that can make any party unforgettable.

The service, run by a company that specializes in organizing events, as well as providing food and drink and background music, has inflatable structures of various sizes - the largest of which can accommodate up to 80 people.

Pub-inspired is not just about the inflatable structure: a menu full of drinks and typical European dishes promises to make the customer and their guests feel at a legitimate Irish establishment. DJs, musicians and traditional music dancers can also be included in the package.

The only problem is that the Boston-based company has not yet arrived on Tupiniquin lands. But nothing prevents creative Brazilian entrepreneurs from seeking inspiration in this interesting event organization service.