Meet the man who is trying to cross the Atlantic using only balloons

Traveling long distances using balloons alone is a feat that has ceased to be exclusive to cartoons for some time now. An expert on the subject is IT manager Jonathan Trappe, who has accomplished this feat in at least three separate locations around the globe.

This time, Jonathan's goal is to cross the Atlantic Ocean aboard its support, supported only by helium-filled balloons. In all, the boy's "vehicle" has 370 bladders of various colors, providing a scene that closely resembles that Pixar animation, called "Up! High Adventures ”.

“The Atlantic has been crossed many times and in many ways, but never like this, ” says the traveler. Jonathan has already started his ambitious project from the city of Caribou, Maine. He intends to maintain an altitude of about 25, 000 feet from the ground, which is a lesson from his previous experiences, including the English Channel and the Alps.

How far does your determination go?

Even Jonathan holds the record for the longest stay in the air sustained only by Helium gas balloons after 16 uninterrupted hours of flight. With so much back experience, it seems that if someone is really capable of completing this task, Mr. Trappe is probably the most suitable person.

However, if after reading all this, you still think that the boy is undertaking a venture that risks going completely wrong, you may be absolutely right. To date, the deaths of five people who tried to do the same thing as this boy have been recorded ... Is it worth it?