Meet the largest Ouija board in the world

Have you ever wondered how many spirits could be summoned from an Ouija board weighing just over 4, 000 pounds? Well, in witch town - Salem, Massachusetts - Rick "Osmortis" Shreck, tattoo artist and vice president of the Talking Board Historical Society (TBHS) , decided to push the envelope by developing a gigantic board with the original board controls, including the complete alphabet, the famous "yes", "no" and "goodbye", and the numbers from 0 to 9.

Source: Instagram / bonston_camera

The family-sized version affectionately received the nickname "OuijaZilla". The giant specimen was made with 99 plywood boards, 20 liters of paint and took about 1 full year to produce. The whole process, according to Shreck, was manual.

The board traveled from New Jersey to Salem, totaling almost 500 km of travel. Friends, family and volunteers were all part of the journey, so that the piece could be presented completely, without any defects.

Check out the size of the board in the video below:

The giant Ouija board has entered the Book of Records

In a public performance in Salem, the US city where Ouija trays have been manufactured for years, "OuijaZilla" received the official Guinness World Record certificate as the largest tray in the world.

Salem is world renowned for its late 17th century witch hunts, so it has been selected as the ideal resting place for the daunting work. However, the only question that doesn't want to shut up is this: does the board facilitate communication with great spirits a lot?