Meet the restaurant in Moscow that only hires identical twins [video]

Guests at the Twin Stars restaurant in Moscow, Russia, may even go overboard with drinks, but seeing doubled attendants is certainly not the effect of alcohol.

Inspired by the Soviet film "Korolevstvo Krivykh Zerkal" (which can be freely translated as Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors ), in which the protagonist finds her twin in a mirror and goes on adventures in a parallel world, Alexei Khodorkovsky created the establishment.

For this reason, all restaurant staff work with their identical twins. Wearing matching clothes, the attendants pair up to the tables to pick up the orders, serve the dishes, and even the “good appetite” greetings and wishes are made in unison.

Although the businessman has struggled to find qualified twins for restaurant seats, he believes the news is making success with customers, even if the tip has to be bent after all.