See the 18 most amazing bars around the world

Ah, the famous bars ... Who doesn't like to sit at a table with friends for a good chat and a round of drinks? For lovers of a good drink, knowing new places and different establishments is almost a craze. But if you think you go to the best places, you need to know these here: the 18 coolest bars around the world.

01 - The Water and Wind Bar, Binh Duong, Vietnam

The property was built on an area of ​​land that was flooded. For this reason, it was necessary to build bridges for people to enter the bar which is nothing but a huge thatched hut. Inside, a very cozy atmosphere with excellent drinks. A fantastic meeting place for great friends.

02 - Sky Bar, Bangkok

Amazing: This bar is located on the top floor of a 63-story building. Those who are afraid of heights will never be able to climb there, but those who love to enjoy a beautiful landscape will come across a sea of ​​lights and see the world above all.

03 - Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

With a very unusual style, this bar keeps its customers coming back in time. Brass, copper and fluorescent lamps are part of the decoration of the place, creating a perfect environment for meeting with friends.

04 - The Clinic Bar, Singapore

This bar is a bit bizarre. It has a strange medical theme, but one that is most successful. The seats have been replaced by wheelchairs and the juices are served in pouches (like blood ones). Despite all of this, the property is one of the biggest attractions of downtown Singapore.

05 - Alux Caverna Lounge, Mexico

This is one of the largest bars built inside a cave. People have used this type of place as an establishment for many years. Hundreds of lights light the way and build a fantastic ambience.

06 - Nothern Lights Bar, Iceland

One of the biggest attractions of this bar is that it is located in the middle of nowhere. The property is far from everything and you will probably have a long walk ahead to get to it, but being able to see the northern lights and moss-covered lava fields, all from the front row, is priceless.

07 - Tiger Leaping Gorge Bar, China

You will lose your breath when you see where this bar is located. It stands balanced on the edge of a cliff in an incredible canyon. Underneath, raging rapids complete the landscape. The property has been named a world heritage site because of its perfect view.

08 - Bab-al-Shams, Dubai

This bar overlooks the Arabian desert and its lounge is perfect for watching the sun set over the warm sands. The perfect mood for a love date like 1, 001 nights.

09 - White Rabbit Restaurant & Bar, Moscow, Russia

In this amazing bar you will have panoramic views of Moscow City, one of the best ever. The place is also known for its incredible international cuisine, perfect for meeting friends and even professional meetings.

10 - Blue Frog Lounge, Mumbai, India

Who likes live music, surely will have the dream to know this place. The bar is entirely designed so that wherever you are sitting, you can see the band and hear the musicians as if they were playing exclusively for you. Amazing!

11 - Monkey Bar, Berlin

The bar is named after it because it overlooks the Berlin Zoo. While sipping your drink, you can mostly see the monkey enclosure, all in a warm and beautiful setting.

12 - Club 33, Disneyland, California

This is probably where many of us will not have access. Club 33 is a private bar, the only one within the Disney complex in California that offers alcohol to its members. That's right, you have to be a member of the establishment and there are people waiting in line for decades without exaggeration. Plus, being a member of the bar means you have exclusive access to park areas that the general public doesn't know about.

13 - Sunland Pub, South Africa

This bar is located within a tree that is over 6, 000 years old! It works in the trunk hollow and was opened in 1933. But it has one caveat: because of the limited space, only 15 clients are allowed in at a time.

14 - The Laundromat Café, Reykjavik, Iceland

Here you will find everything: bar, cafe, library and even laundry! The perfect place for single people, as you can find all these amenities under one roof. How has anyone thought of this before?

15 - The Ice Bar, Quebec, Canada

A full plate for those who like cold climates. This bar is totally carved out of ice blocks! It runs from January to March and melts every summer, being rebuilt every year. You can enjoy a very warm blue climate, but don't go cold: take a jacket with you. It is extremely necessary.

16 - Safe House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This themed bar will win the heart of spies who love a puzzle to be cracked. First of all, it has a secret door and to enter the establishment you need a password. Inside, countless secret passages can be explored. For sure, a place for a lot of fun.

17 - The Red Sea Bar, Israel

Anyone who has a phobia just imagining at the bottom of the sea can not know this bar. It is completely submerged in the Red Sea. Inside, the décor is all based on sea creatures and you have stunning views of coral reefs and native fish through the windows.

18 - HR Giger Alien Bar, Gruyere, Switzerland

This bar is intended exclusively for science fiction lovers. It is based entirely on Ridley Scott's "Alien" movie. With meticulous details, the environment is conducive to diverse gatherings with lots of fun.


Is that you? Do you know any amazing bars not on our list? Tell us in the comments or tell us which of these establishments won you the most.