Lunar space station construction begins in 2019, according to NASA

According to TechTimes, NASA is planning to begin building the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway Portal in English as early as 2019. The US space agency presented a concept for this new space station in March. 2017 and now is looking for outsourced companies to start construction.

The agency's goal is to launch in 2022 and by 2025 to have the fully functional station in orbit around the moon. This will allow astronauts and researchers to study our natural satellite and conduct experiments that can reveal the human capacity for survival in “space”. deep".

After that, the station should become a kind of stopping point for manned missions that will go beyond the moon. This station is also likely to serve as a foothold and communication between Earth and future missions to Mars.


Concept of a Lunar Orbital Platform Portal

No details have yet been revealed about how much NASA expects to spend on building this station or how the agency actually expects to launch the object. Would it be in parts? All? The agency should have more details in the coming months.

Either way, this venture should not be an individual NASA project. Space agencies from the European Union, Russia, Japan and Canada - current partners of the International Space Station - should also collaborate.

Lunar space station construction begins in 2019, according to NASA via TecMundo