2018 World Cup: Mexican party created mini-quake in the country's capital

When we say that football stirs the spirits, we are not kidding: the celebration of the goal of the Mexican team over the German on Sunday (17), their debut at the Russian World Cup, was able to cause a mini-earthquake in Mexico City!

Germany are the current world champions, having won their four-time championship here in Brazil after that fateful “7 to 1” and facing Argentina in the final. In Russia, it is considered a favorite of the title, but the debut left to be desired. With Lozano's goal on 35 minutes of the first half, Mexico threw an eye on the Germans.

At the time of the goal, at exactly 10:35 in the morning in Mexico, two seismographs of the country's capital noticed a small earthquake. Called “artificial earthquake”, this is what happens when a large human mass leaps at a specific point at the same time - in this case it happened at Constitution Square, known as “El Zócalo”, which gathered about 75, 000 people. fans! Check out the moment of the goal:

Obviously, such an “earthquake” cannot be felt by the rest of the population - unless it is in the midst of the feast celebrating, of course - and it does not even cause any damage to city structures, but it is nonetheless curious that it is strong enough to be detected by equipment.

Something similar happened last year when a seismograph from Barcelona detected minor tremors during the Champions League match between Barca and PSG in March. The Spanish team needed to win by 4 goals difference and beat the current Neymar team by 6 to 1!


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