World Cup: Find out how to use the championship virtual album

If you are a football fan, this year is sure to be full of emotions. After all, the first World Cup matches will take place in June, this time in Russia. It is true that there is still some time until the games start, but that does not mean that you will have no fun while waiting for matches.

As you all know, one of the fan traditions is to collect sticker albums from the various teams that will be on the field throughout the event. However, have you ever considered having your own sticker album without spending anything? Yes, that is possible; Just use the virtual album created by Panini.

Check out the tutorial below to find out how to register and start collecting stickers:

  • First, go to the official website of the virtual album by clicking here.
  • You will see the main page of the game. In it, click the "Start Playing" button.


  • The content will be downloaded from the site.
  • Now you need to make a quick registration with username and your country.


  • The next screen will be the game's home screen. Right away, you get two free sticker packs! Just click on the right icon to access them.


To put them in your album, just open the album and go through the pages. When there are stickers of the player in question, you will see signs indicating where the stickers should go. If you prefer, you can drag them with the mouse to the correct locations.

As could not be missed, it is also possible to trade with other players. To do this, just click on “Swap Area” and select which stickers will be available to exchange with others.

The album app can be downloaded on Android and iOS smartphones.

World Cup: Find out how to use the championship virtual album via TecMundo