'Player # 1' is the best Steven Spielberg movie in years

Before the war dramas, such as Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List (for which he won the Oscar), and more serious and political films such as Lincoln, Bridge of Spies and the recent The Post, filmmaker Steven Spielberg It is best known for commercial and entertainment works.

As one of Hollywood's greatest representatives, Spielberg is the one who best established the tradition of American cinema, with Shark, ET, Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park - box office phenomena that have become great classics - and it is this set of films that approaches his new job, Player # 1.

Adapted from Ernest Cline's bestseller, the production features a futuristic plot set in the year 2044 in which society finds itself on the brink of collapse and people take refuge in a virtual reality called Oasis.

A man with a glove.

Parzival during a visit to OASIS.

The story begins by showing that when the Oasis creator died, he left a video in which he challenges all users to find an Easter Egg within this virtual environment, and whoever finds it will inherit all of his fortune, as well as control over Oasis.

It is in this context that we meet Parzival (or Wade), a boy who spends his life analyzing the clues left by billionaire creator Halliday and competing in the simulator, hoping to win the grand prize.

The feature film builds a gamification narrative that turns out to be much better than any adaptation we've seen of video game titles. The so-called Easter Egg of the plot is clearly a cinematic MacGuffin - an object that drives all the action - but the protagonist's entire journey is made up of challenges, missions and trials that keep viewers entertained.

The ambiance of Oasis's universe is also eye-popping, with beautiful, richly detailed scenes (with many references to pop culture), as well as great action sequences. There is a mind-boggling car troll through the streets of a virtual New York City early in the film, which is likely to yield an Oscar nomination for visual effects.

With this proposal for Player # 1, Steven Spielberg seems to be reunited with the cinematic style that best defined him in his career and thus delivers his most entertaining work in many years!

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