Padded Underwear: Check out 11 bizarre e-commerces that worked

Ah, the internet! Always surprising us with crazy ideas that worked. In the middle of buying and selling online there are also crazy things that you don't even think are successful.

Here's a list of them to surprise you and see that every idea has its value.

1. For a place in paradise

Have you thought about getting your place in heaven? You no longer have to be good with your neighbor. Now everything is easier and more modern from the Reserve Your Spot in Heaven website. Yes, this US site offers vacancies for about $ 15 - and promise to return the money if your entry is denied. We don't know how, but those who believed in the reservation will probably believe in the return too!

2. No more cleaning dog poop

For nearly 30 years on the market, Pet Butler is the largest dog poop cleaning service in the United States. Just go to the site and hire a cleaner if the disgust speaks louder than your pocket.

3. Rent a chicken

If your dream is to have fresh eggs to cook and you haven't bought your chicken yet, why not rent one? Rent-a-Chicken is a North American company that strictly follows its name, since its job is to rent chickens. And the infrastructure for a perfect fried egg doesn't stop there! The rent usually includes two chickens, cage and food.

4. The perfect lie

If you need an excuse to miss work, school, or even your boss's birthday, check out The Excused Absence Network. The company provides several types of justifications for every thing you want to get rid of for a $ 25 investment. Among those provided are health complications and death. And if you think all this is bullshit, know that the site already has over 15, 000 orders per month.

5. Food earrings (inedible)

Why not donut, pizza, rainbow cake or even ice cream on the ears? The Mouse Market is an online store specializing in food jewelry, as our subtitle indicates. For lack of earrings, they also sell necklaces and bracelets with delicious miniature dishes. There's hamburger, love apple, cookie, pasta ... It may be a little bizarre, but it's extremely cute!

6. Food Soaps (impossible to be edible!)

If there is a hamburger earring and pendant, why not invent soaps too? AubreyEApothecary is the name of the artisan page that makes donut-shaped soaps, buttered bread, stuffed crackers, pretzel and even peanuts! Just be careful not to scare the visitors!

7. Underwear with padding

Just as promised in the title, there are websites that already sell butt-filled underpants - and front. The pieces promise comfort and a natural effect. Some have the shape of a penis on the front, increasing up to 6 cm the size of the business. Can you believe? Of all sizes, colors and fabrics you can find this item on various websites in a matter of seconds.

8. Toilet paper of personalities

If neither Obama nor Osama Bin Laden is to your liking, you can wipe your ass with both! For about $ 5, you can get wonders like these. And don't think that stops there! On the internet you can find Christmas decorated toilet paper, leopard, barbed wire, Harry Potter, Sudoku ....

9. Oral Sex Snorkel

If you have a breathing problem when having oral sex on a girl, your problems are over! The product has a device that snaps into your nose so you can breathe during practice. The Snorkel The Vibrating Muff Dive Gear also has a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris and is on sale for about $ 12.

10. Alcoholic Marshmallows

Wondermade is a website that makes and sells marshmallows of the most different flavors you can imagine! Champagne, whiskey, beer, fireball, gin ... Just place the order and your order will be dispatched. A box costs $ 8.

11. Silicone Fins

On sale at Amazon, TrendBox Swim Swimming Soft Silicone Gear Paddle Fins Fingers Hand Palm Webbed Trend Training Gloves Water Resistance Flippers - (it would be better to use a company name generator and product next) are silicone alloys that stand between your fingers making you gain more momentum when swimming. It looks incredibly bizarre, but it's fun! Perfect for sunny days or frog costumes or Pirates of the Caribbean characters!

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