Taking care of your brain health is easier than you think

Just as people go to the gym to work on strengthening their body muscles through frequent and repetitive exercise, taking care of the brain also requires effort and some exercises. It turns out that, contrary to what has always been said, it seems that the secret is not to focus on activities like Sodoku or crossword puzzles.

Jessica Langbaum, a psychiatrist who works at an Alzheimer's disease prevention center, says the best way to keep the brain "muscular, " so to speak, is not necessarily to bet on games that are considered ideal for the case, but on working. Yes, work.

Langbaum explains that games like Sodoku really do well, but that way we've been focused on just one task for a long time. Working, on the other hand, and whatever you have as a profession, requires a much larger and more intense brain effort, causing your thinking body to process varied information and have different regions activated.

“While you are still working, you are being challenged daily to perform multiple tasks, to remember things, to process information, ” she said in a statement published in Inc.

And that's not all

the office

The psychiatrist explains that people can bet on concentration games as a way to take care of the brain, but that they should prioritize tasks that require more concentration and enable the performance of various types of activities.

To take care of the brain, Langbaum has another even easier recommendation than working: spending more time with other individuals. "People who have a lot of social interactions, particularly in adulthood, are less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer's in old age, " he said, reiterating that maintaining good social relationships is a proven way to make the brain healthy.

To improve, other studies have linked social life to an overall improvement in physical health, especially blood pressure, immune system, and feeling of energy and well-being. So always call your friends to that happy hour that you love so much and don't feel guilty about it.

Regarding work, it is worth stressing that it does not mean that overworking is good. In fact, quite the opposite: your brain needs to have fixed working hours and days off. Working at workaholic is unhealthy, and it is also important to value coffee breaks and a good lunch time. The secret, like everything else in life, is in balance.


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