Typing on typewriters is new fever among hipsters [image]

They visit thrift stores and buy the oldest coat they find. They grow a beard until the neck is completely covered and adopt thick-rimmed glasses as the “key element” of an eccentric look. Of course, we talk about the Hispters, an urban tribe that rescues references from the 1960s and 1970s in a kind of "protest" against contemporary cultural patterns.

And not only has the cult of vinyl records, old bicycles or cell phone abandonment become a trademark of the group. Now shabby typewriters are also being used by them. This is what proves a series of photos captured by Internet users around the world.

The tapping of the keys in public became apparent after posting a photo through the Reddit forum. Posted less than a week ago by user nrubin999, the image below has over 2.8 million views. "Hispters these days ... Just an ordinary day at Seattle Airport, " says the caption.

As a reply to the post came another flagrant. Shot this time in Portland, the scene shows a starched young man in woolen garments, concentrating, typing while riding the bus. “I'm going to see your hipster at Seattle Airport, and introduce you to my Portland bus hipster, ” wrote darthbogart, who had his post viewed 2.7 million times in five days.

On Twitter the thing was no different. "Have you ever thought about when 'being hipster' ends up going too far?" Lane Primeaux posted on the microblog as she posted a picture of a guy using a typewriter in a cafe. Is that you? Have you caught your hipster today?

Do you ever wonder when being a hipster has gone too far ?? #hipstergonetoofar yep. That's a typewriter. pic.twitter.com/fgQUXJOjhz

- Lane Primeaux (@lane_primeaux) 23 October 2013

Via In Summary.