Good at the Pond: New Yoga Practice Turns to Fever in the United States

Imagine yourself on a farm, outdoors, the breeze blowing softly on your face, sounds of birds around, leaves on the ground; just you, nature and your meditation.

Then suddenly you feel a strong pull and think: is my meditation that strong? Then she opens her eye and comes across a goat eating her hair. Would that bother you? For people from Oregon and elsewhere in the United States, this is pure fun.

In this busy world of "my God", people are increasingly looking for different methods to relieve stress and be able to relax a little. One of the possible paths is yoga, which is a concept of physical and meditative disciplines born in India and linked to Hinduism.

However, a new fashion, emerging in the United States, has drawn attention: the practice of yoga with goats. But it's not any kind of goat, no! It is the Nigerian Dwarf Goat, which, besides being very cute, proved to be very useful for the practice of the activity.

It all started with Lainey MORSE, the creator of goat yoga, when she decided to take the activities to her farm. One of the conditions imposed by her at the beginning of the activities is that the animals had free access, even among people. It didn't take long for the practice to go viral in the US.

It's not hard to see how comfortable the goats feel in place. Yoga becomes a dish for them, who love to climb on their students, eat their hair, lick their faces, and leave some droppings on the mats - after all, when nature calls, there is no one who can run.

But all this is no problem for students, who like the company of pets. In a class of 20 people, for example, around 15 goats - 4 mothers and 11 young, participate, making the class balanced, without exaggeration anywhere.

According to yoga instructor Lana Meredith, the presence of these animals from West Africa is of utmost importance as it is equivalent to therapy with domestic animals, which greatly helps in reducing stress.