From vigilant to manicurist, man overcomes depression with new role

Depression has become commonplace in the workplace. By 2020, according to the World Health Organization, the disorder will be the most disabling disease in the world, directly interfering in the personal and professional spheres. Robson Barbosa knew this reality when facing depression while working as a vigilante, but managed to overcome the disease by becoming a manicurist.

The posture required for work and the distance from a vigilante were decisive factors for the aggravation of the disease. “As a vigilante, I didn't have much conversation, at most I talked to the supervisor. Service was always at night, it was quiet, it looked bad, ”Robson reminds Gazeta do Povo . The situation was intensifying and depression was diagnosed. After eight years of work and a suicide attempt, the 42-year-old man decided to quit his job and take care of himself.

(Source: People's Gazette / Albari Rosa)

Life changing

Robson began to do manual work as therapy, but soon took a liking to the nail universe. It was by working with his wife Vanessa Maceno in the hall in his garage that the former vigilante found his calling. Timidly, he began to polish here, to nail nails there, and before long he was a reference among the manicurists. The former vigilante admits to having felt a resistance when starting the work, but soon realized that it was bullshit. The customers would come across town to be served by him, and from there Robson never stopped.

The couple has already served more than 15 clients on the same day, leveraging the business by the care and professionalism of the manicure. The depression was being properly treated and the presence of Robson increasingly frequent in the salon. The space has become almost your therapeutic room as it has brought together contact with other people and manual work. The professional and psychological improved, as did his relationship with Vanessa.