Dentists are amazed: New fashion in Japan is to have crooked teeth

According to a NY Daily News report, having spiked teeth is fashionable in Japan. According to the publication, imperfection is considered attractive among women as it would give them a more youthful, teenage-looking smile. . Worse, there are clinics that specialize in creating these crooked teeth and there is no shortage of clients willing to go through the procedure.

Image Source: Playback / Inventor Spot

That's right! While many of us have invested a lot of money and years of braces and discomfort to have a perfect smile, Japanese girls are paying to have their canines lengthened through dentures, giving the impression that these teeth are encapsulated.

Image Source: Playback / Inventor Spot

Incidentally, it seems that this fashion has been around for several years, and there is no shortage of models and celebrities who were "lucky" to be born with vampire smiles proud to show off their teeth. Now the procedure - known as “Yaeba” - is being offered by a Tokyo clinic and has become one of the most popular dental treatments on the site.

The treatment is not permanent and can be reversed at any time, and although it has been approved by many girls - and boys, who claim that imperfection also makes them more accessible - some believe the intervention is absurd. After all, where have you ever seen yourself paid to have defects placed on you? And you, reader, agree that vampire teeth make the smile more youthful and attractive?