Emoji Challenge: What is the name of the movie?

Emojis have definitely brought more fun and excitement to our conversations and virtual posts, whether on PC or mobile. Our timelines are already filled with smiley faces and hand gestures, and through WhatsApp we can express ourselves even better with emojis.

But what if, instead of just talking, we could use emojis to play fun games that will test our knowledge of the seventh art, namely cinema? If you're connected to every premiere of your city's movie theaters, love to do a movie marathon on weekends, or want to learn more about cinema, BemMaisSeguro, a smartphone insurance company, has prepared a list of 20 to you have fun! Discover and play with your friends.

If you were unsure if you hit all the movies, check out the answers below and find out if you really know the movie world!

1. ET - The extraterrestrial

Friendship between Earth Boy and ET won 4 Oscars.

2. Finding Nemo

Released in 2003, the film also won an Oscar for the story of the clownfish looking for its son across the ocean.

3. UP! - High Adventures

An old man who resists leaving his house, a distraught boy scout, and a talking dog fly out of the house suspended by balloons.

4. MIB - Men in Black

From 1997, the film shows the adventures of undercover agents responsible for caring for and monitoring alien activities.

5. The Lord of the Rings

The book turned into a movie shows the mission of humans and fantastic creatures to destroy a ring.

6. Panic

A masked serial killer, a horror movie fanatic, freaks out a country town in California as he kills young people there.

7. Planet of the Apes

In the franchise that began in 1968, humans and apes duel, influencing the style of movies to this day.

8. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

In this Oscar winner, a young Indian has a chance to become a millionaire and rediscover the love of his life.

9. They forgot about me

A classic of big screen and small screen, in which little Kevin ends up being forgotten by his family during a trip.

10. Four Friends and a Traveling Jeans

The summer of friends who wear the same pants and look fantastic in her is shown in this movie, based on a book.

11. The Phantom of the Opera

This musical, in which a young girl shows all her talent on stage thanks to her mysterious tutor, has had more than one film version.

12. Titanic

Jack and Rose's tragic love story aboard a ship is a record for Oscar nominations: 14 in total, with 11 statuettes won.

13. Fast and Furious

Since 2011, this action and speed franchise has been winning over many car enthusiasts.

14. The Devil Wears Prada

The evil editor of a fashion magazine and the inexperienced journalist end up in many unexpected situations in this movie full of fancy clothes!

15. Eat, Pray, Love

Rome, India, and Indonesia are the destinations a woman chooses to meet during a sabbatical.

16. The Castaway

Award-winning Tom Hanks survives a plane crash and ends up on a desert island where he struggles to survive with the help of his only friend, Wilson, a basketball.

17. The Adventures of Pi

In this special effects movie, little Pi must survive at sea and still be safe on board a tiger boat.

18. Drink, Don't Marry

The comedy franchise shows the hangover of four friends who need to remember the events of the night before one of them goes to the altar.

19. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Brad Pitt's character is born with a condition that makes him different from everyone else and has consequences all his life.

20. Eleven Men and a Secret

A gang that wants to carry out a million dollar casino robbery is the story behind these men.

Our list is full of Oscar-nominated films, good actors, cartoons, action ... It's impossible you have never watched one of these classics, at the movies or at home. If you missed any, here is our suggestion for the next time you prepare that tasty popcorn!

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