Challenge: Who could beat Van Damme in Volvo advertising?

A few weeks ago Mega Curious ran an amazing commercial promoting the Volvo brand, remember? The star of the campaign is none other than Van Damme, who simply balanced his legs between two trucks.

At the time, the intention was to demonstrate the stability of even the heaviest vehicles. According to the producers, the commercial with Van Damme was carried out in just one take, on a track in Spain.

Now if you think that was the most genius in a car commercial, know that there is one person - and perhaps just one - capable of beating Van Damme. Come on, you have a guess. Thought? Of course we're talking about the biggest, the best, the most amazing ... Chuck Norris!

The video you will see next is a parody, of course, but the idea of ​​comparing the two was simply brilliant. Check out the “commercial” below and then tell us what you think: