72 Million Year Old Dinosaur Tail Discovered

One more proof of the existence of dinosaurs was found and, this time, located in North America. The archaeological find was a tail of almost 5 meters. According to expert judgment, the 72-million-year-old fossilized tail discovered on an excavation site in Coahuila, Mexico, belonged to a 12-meter-long dinosaur.

The astonishing discovery of the fossils was made by researchers at the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico, who are still unsure of the dinosaur species, but it is speculated that the part would be a hadrosaur - a herbivore and semibipede, also known as Duckbill Lizard.

Amazing to experts was the incredibly preserved state of the tail structure, containing 50 vertebrae. According to The Verge, this is the first discovery of its kind in Mexican lands. Now archaeologists are following the work to study the details of the find to learn more about the time of their origin. Check out more details in the video below.