Discover 11 Unknown Stories About John Lennon's Life

You don't have to have lived in the 60s to know The Beatles was - and is - one of the most important bands in the world. Reis do iê iê iê, as they are also known, drew sighs from the fans listening to them on the radio at home; and shouts from the same fans who had the pleasure of watching the shows beyond the busy quartet of pantsuit.

Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon were four Liverpool boys who decided to start a band, and from there, nothing stopped or beat them. Years later, the band split up and each Beatle took a different path.

One of the most controversial and talked about names has always been John Lennon, especially after the beginning of his relationship with Yoko Ono, one of the most hated women of all time - many believe she is the cause of the band's breakup.

Lennon was murdered almost 34 years ago, but his story is always remembered, especially for his political views. Still, there's a lot you may not know about the former Beatle, such as the trivia you'll see below:

1 - Choir singer and boy scout

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Yes, the Beatles leader began his music career singing at St Peter's Church in Liverpool, and of course he was a member of a boy scout group.

2 - Driver

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Among the band members, Lennon was the last to learn to drive, only getting his license at age 24, because in fact he was a very bad driver and eventually gave up driving after crashing with Yoko, his Julian son and stepdaughter Kyoko. After the accident, he hired a driver and did not get behind the wheel again.

3 - Non vegetarian

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George Harrison was the first member of the band to go vegetarian in 1965. After him, Paul McCartney adopted the lifestyle and, for health reasons, Ringo Starr as well. Lennon, however, avoided eating meat, but somehow ended up eating that kind of food. So, contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the band was vegetarian.

4 - Fight

Bob Wooler on the left, introducing the band. Image Source: Reproduction / Stevehoffman

You know Lennon was a peace guy who talked about equal rights, love, freedom and hope. That's why an extremely violent story involving the Beatles leader will keep you jawing.

Bob Wooler was a close friend of the band, disc jockey and also the guy who usually called the Beatles on stage, that is ... an important person. In the early 1960s, several rumors about John's sexuality were running everywhere, and during Paul's 21st birthday party on June 18, 1963, Wooler said mockingly, “Let's go. There, John, what really happened between you and Brian? Everyone knows anyway, so tell us. ”

Lennon, who had a reputation for drinking and violence, was already quite drunk and didn't like the joke at all. His response was very violent, knocking Wooler to the ground and hitting him with punches and kicks mostly in the ribs. John himself talked about it later, and according to him, the moment he realized that he could have killed Wooler, he stopped the aggression.

"I figured it would really kill him ... I just saw it as on a screen ... I got in shock and for the first time I thought 'I can kill this guy, '" Lennon said in an interview. Wooler was taken to hospital with several rib fractures and other serious injuries. Luckily for him and the Beatles, he survived.

5 - Self-criticism

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Singer-songwriter Lennon hated his own voice and often asked the band's producer, George Martin, to try to erase it from the recordings.

6 - Dissatisfaction

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It wasn't just his own voice that John hated. He never really liked the songs of the band he had, and after the Beatles ended, Lennon commented with producer Martin on his inner desire to re-record all the songs in the band. Stunned Martin asked, "even Strawberry Fields?" John replied, "Especially Strawberry Fields."

7 - Little Game

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Wherever he went, Lennon carried his Real Estate Bank board, his favorite game. He liked it so much he didn't mind losing.

8 - Morbid nap

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Lennon enjoyed coffins and often took a few naps in an old coffin that a friend had in a coffee shop.

9 - Best song

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Once asked what his best composition would have been, Lennon replied, "This is easy: All You Need is Love."

10 - Goodbye

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Lennon's last photograph alive is precisely the moment he gives an autograph to Mark David Chapman, the man who would take his life a few hours later. Lennon was cremated the day after his death and Yoko never revealed the fate of the ashes.

11 - John and Paul

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The last time the two friends met was in 1976, when Paul paid John a visit. They were both in Lennon's apartment watching Saturday Night Live, a well-known US TV show. The host offered $ 3, 000 for the Beatles to attend. The two almost called a taxi, but eventually gave up.