Discover 17 Curious Ways to Cure a Hangover Around the World

Taking both can be good for a little disinhibiting and relaxing the night out - the problem is when you overdo it. The next day, the hangover attacks and leaves you with headaches, irritation, malaise, dry mouth, dizziness, lack of appetite etc. The case gets even worse when you are traveling to another country - but it should be much easier to roll your tongue to speak English, for example, when you are drunk, right?

Since the hangover is a universal evil, no matter where you are, it's likely that some of your local friends will know a surefire recipe for curing the damn. Here are 17 weird remedies and ways to get rid of the hangover that can be found in different regions of the planet.

1. When in Rome ...

In ancient Rome, the inhabitants were worshipers of bacchanals watered by orgies, wines and a lot of fun. Although the god Bacchus was present at the holidays, the next day everyone suffered the effects of the drink as mere mortals.

Tales of Dionysus

Pliny the Elder — a famous writer, historian, administrator, and expert on curing hangovers — had a surefire recipe: to fry a canary and swallow it. There is some disagreement as to whether the pet should be eaten whole or beheaded, but everyone agreed that the small crunchy bones were excellent for curing a hangover.

2. Namibia's famous buffalo milk

After filling their faces, Namibians have a full cup of what they commonly call "buffalo milk" - which has nothing at all for buffalo. In the miraculous recipe, goes a mixture of cream (cow), cream liqueur and two types of rum.

Golden buffalo

Apparently, they believe the best cure for hangover is to stay drunk - not to mention that the mixture of dairy, alcohol and sugars should guarantee a one-way ticket to the porcelain throne.

3. Puerto Rico: Lemon also serves to stink

Puerto Ricans apparently discovered a surefire recipe to prevent hangover. Before leaving for the night and drinking plenty of alcohol, they pass a slice of lemon under the arm armpit where they intend to hold the glass. This is supposed to prevent the body from dehydrating, and no one suffers from hangover malaise.

But this recipe sounds like some more magic trick to remove the armpit stench, isn't it? What happens if a person drinks with both hands? What if during drunkenness you forget which of the two armpits has the "magic effect"? Anyway, if you have already tried this tip, answer it for us.

4. Japanese Hangover Cures

If the sake from last night didn't go down very well, the Japanese usually eat a fruit called umeboshi. It is similar to a plum or an apricot, being sold pickled after long maturing.

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In the traditional recipe, the fruit is usually dipped in green tea and then drunk. The problem is that the ingredient is very sour, worse than lemon. Umezuke is the milder version of umeboshi, but it's not easy to face. Apparently, the bad taste of these fruits is enough to cure any hangover.

However, mixing sour liquor into an already upset stomach can cause even more pain. So maybe you should not even try.

5. The German Katerfrühstück

It's not hard to get bored in Germany, after all the country is known for its traditional beers. For the next day, you must prepare to have the “hangover breakfast” (Katerfrühstück, in German). It serves a “tasty” plate of rollmaps - raw herring wrapped in cucumber and onion pieces. Apparently, the Germans take the concept of sushi very seriously.


While you're suffering from what Germans often call the "cat's lament, " thinking about raw, strange-looking fish may be enough to wrap your stomach and throw it all out.

6. The delicious Canadian recipe

Hangover should not be too bad in Canada. Over there, they often cure their discomfort with a bowl full of poutine, a spice made with thick chips along with small pieces of Canadian curd cheese, dipped in a delicious sauce prepared from sweet peppercorns.


7. The Sicilian Bull Penis

In Sicily, drunks have a rather brave recipe: dry bull penises. That simple. Even though it is a little out of date now, Sicilians used to chew on a whole bull's penis. They believed that in this way, in addition to healing the hangover, they could restore their vitality.


8. Bottle Stopper Doll

In Haiti, the hangover is not to blame, but the bottle. To cure the hangover, Haitians often make a "voodoo doll" with the drink stopper that drunk them the night before. Then they stick 13 needles into the black head of the object. The problem is when the bottle has a lid instead of a cork.

9. The Sheep Lungs of Ancient Greece

If in Rome you used to eat fried birds, in Greece the cure was much more amazing. There, the ancient Greeks tried to cure the hangover with two owl eggs and sheep's lungs - a rather peculiarly flavored, rubbery delicacy.

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10. Buries, which passes

In Ireland, there is an almost infallible legend to cure the hangover: just bury yourself up to your neck in the wet sand of a river. As the country is a rather cold place, the effect provided should be similar to that of a cold shower. Therefore, the drunk is likely to wake up quickly, but there is no evidence that this can cure headaches and a feeling of nausea.


Also, it is very dangerous to get buried up to the neck by the river. Was this a bad joke from a troll friend?

11. Do not forgive even the poor rhinos

In Vietnam, people often grind rhino horns and make tea with them. This mixture is believed to cure just about everything, even allergies, cancer and AIDS. Of course that doesn't work - it looks more like those miracle ointments sold here in Brazil. In addition, rhinos are already becoming extinct almost everywhere in the world. Anyway, it's better to endure a hangover than to go around killing defenseless animals.


12. A New Gut

If you have stomach problems, nothing better than a new one, right? In Turkey, people often eat tripe soup with onion and garlic to prevent possible hangovers. The taste should not be the best - so a headache can even look a little soft compared to the taste of viscera.

13. Keep an eye on

In Mongolia, the hangover is healed in a strange and curious way: just take a tomato juice with two canned sheep's eyes. Needless to say the taste of the cocktail, but thinking about the mixture is already wrapping the stomach. You will see that, after swallowing everything, they end up putting the bofes out.


14. The Hangover Kings

Apparently, the United States is the hangover kings. There, they have a number of recipes that help cure drunkenness and give a little vigor the next day. One is Prairie Oyster, a cocktail that includes English sauce, hot sauce, salt, pepper and raw egg. Side dishes include a shot of vodka, ketchup, tomato juice or vinegar.

According to the BBC, American Indians consider that the best cure for hangover is to do a hard run and sweat a lot. Then just lick your own sweat, rinse and spit. Although sweat should remove toxins from the body, salty taste should not be a big draw.

In Las Vegas, things are more fun. There is a special bus called Hangover Heaven. In it, passengers take a walk around the city while a specialized team applies a series of fluids, vitamins and other supplements to cure hangovers.

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In turn, Benedict Eggs are also a tasty recipe for curing hangovers. Legend has it that in the late 17th century a socialite lavished on the bash. The next day she asked Waldorf-Astoria's restaurant to make a special sandwich with boiled eggs, ham and hollandaise sauce, all on top of an English muffin.

In the wild west, cowboys had a disgusting recipe: rabbit droppings tea. Just get the balls and mix with some hot water. Once again, bad taste is used to cure hangover.

15. A magic tea

In Ecuador, people often have tea made from oregano. The herb is thought to be very good for calming the stomach and removing the feeling of nausea. In Quechua, an ancient language spoken by some tribes of South America, the hangover is called "chuchaqui". It seems that hangover problems date back to ancient times.

16. A soup made especially for this

In Korea, stalls and street carts often sell haejangguk, which can be translated as hangover-removing soup. The recipe takes a mixture of coagulated beef blood, cabbage, vegetables and bones from the cow and the backbone of the pig.


17. Drinking to heal

In Denmark, the recipe for curing drunkenness is to have one more beer - but not any one: it's the "healing beer" ( Reparationsbajer in Danish). According to the manufacturer, the malt drink can heal even the worst of hangovers and bring the mood back the next day.

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And do you know any surefire recipes to cure hangovers? Share your tips with us.

* Posted on 21/07/2014